Press that juice. flex that juice. drink that juice.

S1E4: Kale Garden

Mango and Apricot take a trip to the country and after finding the land of their dreams, they burst into their very own vegan country song!

S1E3: Veggie Pride!

Mango and Apricot meet new vegan friends covering the New York City Veggie Pride Parade as roving reporters! 

Kombuchachacha S1E2 Spirulina Sports

Mango & Apricot open Spirulina Sports and welcome their first member, Bob.

Kombuchachacha S1E1 PLANT-BASED (Nothing is Vegan!)


The first episode of our comedy web-series Kombuchachacha. "Plant-Based" was created in support of veganism by an all female cast & crew - if you love it please share the veggie love with all your friends! And don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode! xoxo Mango and Apricot


Treatmo, a company empowering fresh and natural food businesses with technology, interviewed the co-creators of Kombuchachacha: founder of Fountain Avenue Productions Dionne van den Berg and business partner Pooja Tripathi. Listen to the podcast where they share the behind-the-scenes of making their innovative vegan web-series Kombuchachacha and hear their discussion on the business of filmmaking, women in film, entrepreneurship and their passion for vegan food, including what they eat on their busy schedules. 


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